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The NEMA Difference

NEMA’s unique attributes are focused on achieving success for their clients.

  • NEMA’s Personnel – Best of the Best unparalleled internationally recognized for our expertise and leadership in drug development

  • Sponsor Driven – Personalized attention to the client’s needs and expectations

  • The Hallmark “3 A’s"

    • Accountability – NEMA PMs are your direct access to the study at all times and responsible for providing time efficient reports. PMs are responsible for: executing the Sponsor’s decisions, results of the actions taken and assuring that the assignments are completed.

    • Agility – On-demand improvising: iterative approach to clinical trial services.

    • Attention –  Study details, timelines and cost are top priority.

NEMA is redefining the way drug development and clinical research is being conducted.

  • Traditional CRO’s lack innovation, creativity, agility and are not run by the experts and thought leaders.

  • Mega CRO’s are everything to everybody. They claim to be the only solution and in reality their experience comes at the cost of the Sponsor and not creative innovation.

NEMA’s enhanced research infrastructure is a multi-stable platform that provides the Sponsor with maximum flexibility for their development programs:

  • Scalable teams with immediate access, unsurpassed expertise

  • Staffing models that allow for dedicated protocol personnel with elasticity to meet the dynamic capacity needs of a project.

  • We learn by rescuing other CROs’ troubled and failed efforts

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