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Company Overview


NEMA Research Inc., implements clinical trials by establishing and maintaining networks of hospitals and physicians producing readily available and eligible patient databases. Our primary advantage is our ability to rapidly identify and meet our clients’ clinical research needs.
NEMA Research was founded and run by academic and industry experienced physicians. We create and design clinical trials, as well as place and manage them.

Our ongoing partnerships and collaborations provide unique clinical research opportunities for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies as well as for research-oriented hospitals and individual physicians.

NEMA Research has developed an extensive network of hospitals, research-experienced physicians, and pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Our proprietary research techniques, methodologies, software and business strategies provide a new and unique approach in the field. Through these partnerships and research techniques, we produce high quality clinical trial data from Phase I to Phase IV.

NEMA Research is the only Fully Integrated Clinical Research Organization with proven experience in evidence-based research development of nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, and nutritional, dietary, and herbal products. We also have the first dedicated IRB designed to review clinical research on nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, and nutritional and dietary supplements and products. We anticipate that the FDA may soon require such products to comply with standards for clinical research similar to those set forth for drugs, OTC’s, and medical devices. NEMA Research is able to quickly and smoothly meet and exceed these requirements.

While meeting FDA requirements is our primary goal, exceeding our clients’ expectations for quality and cost effectiveness is the core of our business.

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